Payment tasks FAQs

Modified on Wed, 1 May at 9:11 AM

Why can’t I see payment tasks?

To turn on payment tasks, click on the entity name from the Home screen.

Go to the Tax Years tab.  Tick the payment tasks for the relevant tax year. The system will create payment tasks for the relevant year.

Why are some tasks automatically closed in TaxLab?

The ‘Automatically Closed’ status is system generated. Any tasks in TaxLab that passed before the taxpayer was created are automatically closed by the system. Users can change the record status of the task to ‘Active’. However, please note that once this has been changed, users will not be able to change the status back to ‘Automatically closed’. Going forward, the ‘Sent’ or ‘Not Required’ status can be used to close such tasks.

Why do payment tasks have incorrect due dates?

For an entity, the system uses the following to determine the number and due date of payment tasks:

  • Balance date and if the tax year is a standard 12 month period or a transitional year
  • EOT (Extension of time) status
  • GST filing frequency

If the payment tasks have incorrect due dates, then check the above settings for the entity and update as required.

Can multiple payment tasks be closed at once (i.e., in bulk)?

If multiple payment tasks need to be closed (ie, task progress set to ‘Not Required’ or ‘Sent’), use the bulk edit feature to close these tasks. Bulk edits can be made to multiple payment tasks that are due on the same date.

Why can't I edit a tax payment, TaxLab states the 'Transaction is in a locked year'

This means that the tax year that the transaction is recorded in, is currently locked. Before updating the tax payment transaction, you will need to unlock the tax year.

What is the thumbs up or down icon on Payment tasks summary screen?

You may notice that the thumbs up or thumbs down icon on the summary screen against some payment tasks. The system compares the uplift amount per the preceding 2 year’s return and the draft position per the prior year return that is currently being prepared in TaxLab. If per the draft position of the prior return year, the provisional tax obligation is less, then a thumbs down icon is displayed to represent this.

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